House Restoration Service

Spokane WA
We provide a wide range of high-quality repair and restoration services for both residential and commercial properties.


Our residential services can include water damage, mould removal, fire damage, and many other home restoration services, but they are not limited to these. If you want house restoration services, you need to contact our team of experts.


We also do commercial property restorations. Our quality trained specialists are available 24/7 in the case of a disaster or if you just have a restoration job that requires our assistance.You can rest easy knowing that your space will be restored to the specifications that it needs to meet.

Qualified Techs

We have teams of experienced and qualified specialists ready to help. We provide a complete variety of residential and commercial properties repair and restoration services.
Mike and Hannah one of the experts in home renovation
Our experts in home renovation spend a lot of time planning, and then proceed to the construction.

We grew up in the construction industries. Our families have been building houses together for 15 years, now we continue this business as one family.

Hannah says experience has been a great teacher for them, and they’re also continually learning from other sources. “There are books and the internet and forums and YouTube tutorials,” she says, “which is why we’re so excited to be involved in making how-to videos, because we’ve learned so much from them and we know how important they are. Every day we learn new stuff. We’ll always be learning.”

We have become a good team, thanks to experience and cohesion, we can give you a good result in the renovation of your homes.
Reviews about our work in 2022
Top Kitchen designers in Spokane! Worth every penny and more which is what it cost. I got a stunning new kitchen with no hassle.
I have just had my bathroom remodeled and it looks great. I had consultations with 3 different companies but in the end I went with this team.
I want to thank for doing such a great job on my kitchen redesign. I was so confused about how will I get my outdated kitchen remodeled or what things could I add to make it look more awesome! But finally, after talking to the expert, I was relieved and was clear about what I needed for my kitchen. The crew that came quickly started working and now the final results are just amazing. They left me with a beautiful, remodeled kitchen.

House Restoration Service Spokane

Recently we worked with two happy homeowners looking for home restoration services. One couple wanted to remodel their 1990’s house to appear more traditional so it would fit in better with the older homes in the area. The other homeowner had an 1870’s Victorian that needed some minor work.

Both of these homeowners were very excited to share their plans and the wonderful creativity of their contractors. They were so happy to spend their money on modifications they really believed would look good. But all they were left with was bad design.

You can’t really blame the overly enthusiastic contractor or the homeowners. They’re both exposed to so much bad design; they can’t help but want to reproduce it. What they needed was the expert guidance of HomeRemodeling24, masters of traditional home design and old house renovation.