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Remodeling 24 hours will do everything you need inside and outside of your home. Check out the most requested services.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the center of your space and should be both beautiful and functional. We have completed hundreds of kitchen projects and know exactly how to combine these factors.
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Bathroom Remodeling
Your day starts and ends in the bathroom. Spend this time with pleasure!
Our experts will make your bathroom the way you want it.
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Full Home

Interior remodel

A home remodeling spokane is undoubtedly a huge task that involves reliable resources, the patience of a customer and the professionalism of the company. We've got it all.
In addition, we take the stress out of home remodeling so you can just enjoy the process.

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Exterior Remodeling
An exterior home remodeling can enhance the curb appeal of a house and give it a new look.
Set a task for our company and share your vision with us, and we will bring it to life.

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Commercial Construction
Commercial buildings must be designed to be multifunctional. This is the only way they will be sold well.
Here you need not just skilled workers, but real experts. We have great things to offer you!
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Basement Remodeling
Who says a basement is a dump? This is a useful space that can be functional.
Over the past 12 years, our team has completed more than 120 basement renovations, some of which are bold design solutions.
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Garage Remodeling
Your garage can be more than just a place for your car. Our local company has the skills and resources to handle the whole project from detailed planning to quality construction.
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Water Damage Repair
Water damage poses the great threat to the safety and integrity of your home.
Our professionals will respond quickly to begin the process of water damage restoration. They go above and beyond to meet your needs.
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House Painters
Bring color, beauty and life to your home! We offer interior and exterior painting services. For all your painting needs, inside and out, our painters will provide results you’ll be satisfied with.
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Tile Installation
High-quality and durable tile installation is an art that is difficult to master.
Highly specialized experts in tile installation work in our company. We provide quality services that last for years.
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Carpet Installation
A beautiful new carpet provides coziness to a home and can elevate a room from dull to inviting. We know all of the ins and outs of the installation process to do the job to your satisfaction.
A single room or an entire office - we can handle any complexity.
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