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Double your Living Space

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Additional square meters of your home

Your basement can store boxes, old furniture, and other important items but it can be far more useful than a storage area. If your basement has become a dump and you want to add more space and value to your house, a basement remodel spokane wa will be one of the most beneficial decisions you can make. It will give you not only more space but also help you sell house and offer higher price.

Reasons For Basement Remodeling
Don't allow your basement to be unused, a basement remodeling spokane wa will help to add space and use it for different purposes. If still you don't know to remodel your basement or not, here are some reasons to consider:
  • Extra space

You can improve your basement and add an additional room such as a home office, a game room, a working space, an extra bedroom or a bathroom.

  • Necessary waterproofing

If your basement has cracks in its foundation, it requires waterproofing to avoid future leaks.

  • Add home value

A basement that offers an extra space for different activities always attract homebuyers. Also you can rent out your basement if you need more money.

  • Comfortable place in your house

Our remodeling company knows how to convert your basement into a comfortable lounge or a room for your friends and family.

  • Energy efficiency of your home

Energy efficiency of your house starts with your basement. Sometimes a basement remodeling requires quality insulation to the walls, ceiling or floor as well as drywall and flooring.

Remodel of the basement includes

  • Basement Walls
    Adding and removing, painting and texture
  • Entertainment
    Installation and electric
  • Flood Damage
    Repairing damage caused by water due to weather or leakage
  • Basement Ceilings
    Painting and texture
  • Basement Bathrooms
    Includes all tiling, installation, and plumbing
  • Tiling
    Flooring or bars
  • Basement Flooring
    Including all kinds of tiling and hardwood
  • Basement Lighting
    Installation and electric
Six reasons to choose us!
We offer a wide range of basement finishing spokane and remodeling services, for example window installation or full basement demolition. Our experienced team will design and create your basement according to your needs and requirements. Whatever you need - carpet or hardwood, drywall or paneling, we have you covered. With us, you will get the basement you’ve always dreamed of.
We have 12 years of experience
We use only high quality material
We love what we do
We implement projects offering a full range of services
We perform only part of the work you need
We have completed over 120 basement renovations

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