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Water damage caused by burst pipes or storm flooding spreads through your Spokane Valley property in a matter of minutes. It soaks carpets, seeps into baseboards and wicks into drywall. Slow, hidden leaks in attics and crawl spaces rot wood framing and feed unhealthy mold growth.

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Our team consists of talented professionals who’ve been selected for their can-do attitude and excellent work ethic. They will happily go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met.

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We believe the only correct way to do business is to treat every task as if it was for our own property and consistently deliver the best possible water damage repair services near you.

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Roof leaks, damaged pipes, and similar issues tend to occur at the worst possible times. Luckily, our emergency crews are available 24/7 and equipped to handle any problem at a moment’s notice.
Mike and Hannah one of the experts in home renovation
Our experts in home renovation spend a lot of time planning, and then proceed to the construction.

We grew up in the construction industries. Our families have been building houses together for 15 years, now we continue this business as one family.

Hannah says experience has been a great teacher for them, and they’re also continually learning from other sources. “There are books and the internet and forums and YouTube tutorials,” she says, “which is why we’re so excited to be involved in making how-to videos, because we’ve learned so much from them and we know how important they are. Every day we learn new stuff. We’ll always be learning.”

We have become a good team, thanks to experience and cohesion, we can give you a good result in the renovation of your homes.
Reviews about our work in 2022
Top Kitchen designers in Spokane! Worth every penny and more which is what it cost. I got a stunning new kitchen with no hassle.
I have just had my bathroom remodeled and it looks great. I had consultations with 3 different companies but in the end I went with this team.
I want to thank for doing such a great job on my kitchen redesign. I was so confused about how will I get my outdated kitchen remodeled or what things could I add to make it look more awesome! But finally, after talking to the expert, I was relieved and was clear about what I needed for my kitchen. The crew that came quickly started working and now the final results are just amazing. They left me with a beautiful, remodeled kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can water damage dry out?
Sometimes, a minor leak may appear to stop on its own. Unfortunately, this is often deceptive, and the issue is very likely to come back in the future. To be safe, it’s strongly advised that you get in touch with a water damage repair company near you and have them examine your Chicago property as soon as you detect the first signs of a problem.
What does the beginning of water damage look like?
It depends on where the problem originates from. Warning signs to look out for include:
  • Sounds of dripping water
  • Presence of mildew or mold
  • Paint is peeling from the walls
  • Water stains on the walls or floor
  • Moisture or pooled water in the basement
  • Warped or creaking floors
  • Damp odors
  • Skyrocketing water bill
How long does it take to repair water damage?
It depends on what caused it and how extensive it is. A major slab leak naturally takes much longer to address than a tiny hole in your roof. To get an accurate time frame for how your water damage restoration in Spokane Valley will take, reach out to us and consult with our experts directly.
How much does it cost to repair water damage?
Again, it depends on the cause and severity of the problem. For instance, a leaky shower is significantly easier and cheaper to fix than a burst pipe inside a concrete wall. Likewise, emergency visits also tend to cost more than ones that were booked in advance. To obtain a precise quote, get in touch with our customer support team.

Repair Water Damage Spokane Valley

Water damage repair is an urgent task. If your home has been damaged by burst pipes or another event, taking action immediately to clean up the water, prevent mold growth and to alleviate problems with the parts of your home affected by the water is crucial.

But you’re probably asking what you should do first, and what measures are necessary? And you might be wondering how much water damage is going to cost to fix? Our guide will answer your water damage repair questions with expert advice on what to do in the event, and whom you can call for help. Whether it's your ceiling, floor or another area of your home damaged from a leaking pipe or a heavy storm.