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Remodel Garage
Spokane WA

We will update your garage, saving time and money


Remodel Garage

Spokane, WA

We will update your garage, saving time and money

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Google rating 5.0 ☆☆☆☆☆

Get The Most Out Of Your Garage

Homeowners use their garages for different reasons. Your garage can come in handy for storing vehicles, increasing living space or adding value to your property.
Whether you need to renovate your existing garage or built a new one, hire our experts for remodel garage spokane wa.
In the United States, only 10% of homeowners state that they are satisfied with their garages; others want to update their garages. Also about 80 % of buyers are looking for houses with garages.

With our specialists, you will get a functional garage that meets your needs and requirements.

Reasons for basement remodel

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    Additional functionality of your home

    You can turn your garage into a multi-purpose space where you can spend your time with your family and friends. With extra space, you can get a theatre room, gym or home office.

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    Improve your home's appearance

    Home with an upgraded garage not only attracts prospective homebuyers but also improves the appearance of your home and adds more functional space to your house.

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    Additional storage space

    With more storage space for your belongings in your garage, you can store things inside that would otherwise be stored outside (grill or lawn equipment).

We specialize in:

  • Garage Flooring
    Floor coatings and interlocking tiles
  • Garage Cabinets
    Modular and custom cabinetry systems
  • Garage wall storage
    Slatwall, accessories, racks, hose reels
  • Specialty storage
    Tire racks, overhead storage, shelving
Six reasons to choose us!
  • We have 12 years of experience
  • We use only high quality materials
  • We have completed over 100 Garage remodels
  • We pay attention to the functionality of the garage remodeling
  • The appearance of your garage is important to us
  • We love what we do
Spokane Garage Projects
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The most frequently asked questions about garage remodeling

Garage Remodeling Company In Spokane

Remodeling24Hours is a full-service garage remodeling company. Whether you need a few upgrades or a complete renovation, we have everything needed to finish the job on time. If your garage turned into a mess, let our experienced team update your space. We offer unparalleled skills and resources to complete your project of remodel garage spokane.

Our Experts Will Give You The Best Results For Your Garage Remodeling Project

Each project starts with a free consultation. This allows us to better understand your goals and vision. During the process you will get
  • Guaranteed Products
  • Quality materials
  • Years of experience
  • A unique approach to your project
You can rely on our experts as we can realize every detail of your project, from the layout to the texture. With our experience, affordable costs and quality services, your renovated garage will exceed your expectations.

Remodeling24Hours is Known For Quality Remodeling Services

No matter how big your project is, we can offer the most innovative solutions and high-quality craftsmanship for your remodeling garage. Give us a call and our professional team will provide you with the best garage remodeling services such as painting, electrical, plumbing, lighting, and more.