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Remodel Garage
Spokane WA

Your local full-service garage enhancement company.

We take care of everything.


Remodel Garage

Spokane, WA

Your local full-service garage enhancement company.

We take care of everything.

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The Leading, Epoxy Floor Coating, Lifetime Warranty, Cabinet And Organization Company." Your local Garage Experts in Spokane professional will transform your garage into a long-lasting and usable space.
    Floor coatings and interlocking tiles
    Modular and custom cabinetry systems
    Slatwall, accessories, racks, hose reels
    Tire racks, overhead storage, shelving

Remodel Garage Spokane WA

Homeowners use their garages for different reasons such as to house their vehicles, enhance living space and increase a property value. If you need an exquisite retreat, a lovely living room, or some extra garage space, our company will help you create a wonderful new space of the same old square footage.

Whether you need to renovate your existing garage or you want to built a new one, look to our experts for your remodel garage spokane wa. With our specialists, you will get a functional garage that meets your needs and requirements.

In the United States, only 10% of homeowners state that they are satisfied with their garages; others want to update their garages. Also about 80 % of buyers are looking for houses with garages. So if you want to increase the value of your house, consider a garage remodel, because homes with cluttered garages are less attractive to potential buyers. Many homebuyers don't want to buy a home if the garage is full of necessary and unnecessary items.

You can share your garage dream with our experts and we will turn it into an exciting reality. We explore your requirements and style to create a remodeling plan for your garage. We have experience, knowledge and equipment needed to provide garage renovation on time and on budget.

What Are The Benefits of The Garage Remodel?

If you want to get more dividends, you can remodel your garage into a living room, workshop, or a place to store your items. Here are the main benefits for a garage renovation:

· Additional space to store items

During your garage renovation, add more storage space to store your belongings.

· Additional functionality of your home

If you don't have enough room in your house, you can use your garage, for example like a laundry room. It is even better if you have a two-car garage, you can house your car in your garage and use additional space for a workshop. You can turn your garage into a multi-purpose room where you can spend your time with your family and friends. With additional space, you can get a theatre room, gym or home office.

· To keep your items inside

Having more space to store your belongings in your garage, give you an opportunity to store possessions inside that would otherwise be kept outside (grill or lawn equipment).

· To improve the appearance of your home

Home with a garage attracts prospective homebuyers but also an updated garage improves the appearance of your home and add more functional rooms in your house.

Our Process For Garage Remodel

Our process for garage remodel isn't always the same for every customer. It depends on the type of garage renovation that's being done.

Ø Meeting with our customers

First, we meet with our customers to discuss every detail of the project. Our experts will help you determine the feasibility of a garage remodel and give you an estimate of time and budget.

Ø Design stage

Our professionals will handle the design stage of the spokane remodel garage process properly. During this stage, we'll work with you to turn your dream into fully realized designs so our team can use to renovate your garage

Ø Construction work

Demolition. For some improvements in your garage, our team must demolish some aspects of your current garage, for example, tearing down walls.

Insulation and lighting. If you want to improve the energy efficiency and have a more comfortable temperature in your garage, it is time to add insulation. Especially it is necessary if you're turning your garage into a gym or an additional bedroom. Also it is important to add task lighting to brighten up the garage.

Adding new drywall and painting the walls. When we demolish the previous walls, we make the way for adding new walls. First, we add new drywall and then paint the walls.

Flooring installation. It is the one of the final steps in the garage remodel process. The installation of flooring also depends on what material you want for flooring.

New cabinets and shelves. When all changes have been done, the purchased cabinets and shelves can be installed in your garage. So your garage will be looked more organized.

Ø Enjoy your renovated garage

When the renovation work is completed, we will make sure that our customers are happy with the end result. Also we will clean the work site.

Let’s Get Started On Your Garage Dream

Always the garage space is poorly organized and unusable. Our company will help you make your garage as a functional room of your house. Whether you need extra storage, a theatre room or a laundry room, our professionals can do it.

We strive to translate your vision into a reality and create the garage of your dreams today. Our quality remodeling projects will transform a dull space into a fancy garage.